RUN: KAIST Algorithmic Problem Solving Club

[ 2023 Spring Recruiting Now !!! (~3.20) ]

[23.03.03 Update]

Regarding the club fee, it was announced that it was 3,000 won based on the previous standard. This is the previous standard amount and it will be increased to 10,000 won in 2023 due to the increase in the KAIST Student Club Union membership fee. We contacted the previous applicants individually regarding this. We apologize for the confusion.


RUN is the algorithmic problem solving club of KAIST. RUN studies various problem solving techniques and algorithmic knowledge together and prepares for various competitions such as ICPC, SCPC, Codeforces, etc. Anyone who is interested in the field of algorithms, discrete mathematics, etc. is welcome. You can become a member of RUN by submitting the following Google form without any additional selection process. There is almost no burden on activities and the club fee is only 3,000 won per semester. Please apply without any worries if you are interested.


Application Form

For other inquiries, please contact 010-4221-4309 or [email protected]